Excerpt - The Dance of the Mystai by Tinnekke Bebout

We love Goddess; we long for Her, but in a culture where violence against women is far too common, where many of us have seen from a young age images of angry men hurting women and children, many of us have internalized that though Mother is strong and loves us fiercely She, like many women, cannot protect the children from an angry, vengeful Father. This is why the first real step on a Goddess Path must be embarking on an internal paradigm shift. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if a paradigm is rejected but not replaced with another, that rejected one will remain in a vestigial form under the surface, waiting to come back full force when we are going through times of pain or trauma.

The rest of the stuff you do as a Goddess Path follower is all very good and useful, but it needs to be integrated into the paradigm shift. We must allow ourselves to be aware of the strength of females, of women. We must trust Goddess as much as we love Her. We must leave behind the feeling that we will only be loved if we behave in the accepted manner and embrace the unconditional acceptance and love that Mama that Goddess offers freely. It sounds simple, but it can be the hardest thing you ever do. Just imagine staring boldly, not trembling, not doubtful, into the face of whatever physical manifestation you want to give the FatherGod paradigm, and saying with a calm, even, confident voice, “You have no power over me.” Now imagine doing it not just once, not just that initial time that caused you to leave the FatherGod paradigm and its known environs to go looking for who-knew-what at the time, but to do it all the time for the rest of your life.

That is the beginning of true Goddess Path, for that is the start of claiming yourself as a Daughter of Goddess. It’s something you’ll do every waking minute as you—consciously at first and later more automatically—put aside the choices you would have made in the old paradigm and embrace the sometimes radically different choices that are yours as a Daughter of Goddess. Don’t worry, however, for you are not alone, nor will you ever be as you make these bold statements, these bold choices for there are women out there with you every day who have made the choices and faced the fears and they are your Sisters in Goddess. They are there with a ready hand and a listening ear and many, many cups of hot chocolate to sustain you as you start this journey and toddle with your first baby steps on this new path as a Daughter of Goddess. And as you gain in strength and wisdom, they will also lean on you as another Sister when they know doubt and fear.

This Sisterhood is to me the biggest and the best gift that Goddess gives Her daughters as they make their way home. For this is also part of the paradigm shift; there may be women who teach you, who write books that you learn from, whose words you may drink in like water on a hot day, but these women are not gurus looking for a hold over you or who expect your deference. These women will not be part of some spiritual hierarchy over you and have the power to say that you belong as a Daughter or not. No one can say that. Goddess loves all Her daughters and we are all equal in Her eyes, and that is how we must treat one another as we interact with each other.

From now on, you are free of the spiritual power over reality and are part of a community of spiritual equals where the only power is the power that comes from within. Don’t put on a pedestal your sisters who have been on the Path longer and are there to offer a helping hand or a wise word or expect to sit and learn at their feet. They don’t want the pedestal, and you are just as capable of a new insight as any of your sisters. Give up your submissive place in the FatherGod spiritual hierarchy and embrace yourself as a capable woman and listen for the voice of Goddess in yourself. It is time to dig deep and learn new ways of thinking so you can get rid of that submissive garbage and be strong in who you are.

We will journey to the Mother together. You will be challenged and you will be required to think for yourself and question and seek answers. Just as a Mother first helps her children get their feet under them as they learn to walk, then as they are stronger lets them run and play and discover their own strengths and weaknesses, so our Mother, the one we have been calling to all this time, will expect us, Her Daughters, to run and play in our freedom and explore our new world and create this new paradigm for ourselves.

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