Excerpt - Hyde by Laura DeLuca

When they reached the last aria, Justyn pulled her into his arms with an almost desperate longing. The required embrace between Emma and Dr. Jekyll took very little acting for the real-life lovers. In fact, the kiss might have gone on a tad longer than necessary. Rebecca found herself swooning in Justyn’s arms just as much as she had the very first time their lips had met. There was a fire between them time couldn’t quench. That passion spilled over into the music, and it was a force every person watching from the sidelines could feel.

Rebecca was actually sorry the duet ended, despite the fact that she knew they would be singing it again every day for the next three months. She had another brief scene where her father, played by Robert, tries to talk Emma out of marrying Dr. Jekyll. Then Rebecca had a break backstage while Tom led Justyn to a house of ill repute to try to take his mind off his work for the night. On her way to join the background prostitutes who would dance with Victoria, Carmen made sure to stop by and give Rebecca a congratulatory pat on her back.

“I almost forgot how amazing you two are together!” Carmen exclaimed, shuffling out from behind the curtain. “That was awesome! Really! Total eargasm!”

Rebecca laughed. “Thanks, Carmen!”

Carmen winked as she raced past her to take her place on the stage. Her friend did an amazing job of coordinating the simple dance moves given the short notice she’d received. The performers looked provocative and sexy despite the limited space they had to work with. But it was Victoria who stole the show with her amazing voice. The notes of her song resonated off the high ceiling of the theater and her body slithered seductively along the floor. Rebecca had to remind herself not to be jealous when she got to the scene where Lucy kisses Dr. Jekyll, despite the fact she knew it wasn’t real. Victoria was so beautiful and sensual. Rebecca could see how it would be hard for most men to resist her, but as graceful and elegant as she was when she sang, she still portrayed the tough street girl to perfection, and Rebecca had the feeling it was a role she was familiar with.

Rebecca really enjoyed watching the rest of the show come to life for the first time. Everyone was very professional. They all had their lines down pat, and there were no serious blunders, despite it being their first group rehearsal. They ran through the entire show twice before Fernando finally allowed them to call it a night. It was almost one in the morning, and Rebecca was completely exhausted. She couldn’t wait to head home and get some sleep. She dreaded having to wake up for the breakfast shift at seven in the morning. It was definitely going to be a long summer, but hopefully a rewarding one.

“Not bad for the first practice, huh?” Tom asked.

Justyn was still a little grim. “Despite the fact that not everyone wants us here. Did you see the way Steve was glaring at us?”

“You noticed too?” Rebecca asked.

“You two should get used to that,” Carmen advised. “When you’re good, people are always going to be jealous. Don’t let that has-been get you down.”

“Wise words, babe,” Tom agreed. “Seriously, dude, screw him. You guys were awesome. You deserve the leads.”

Justyn tried to shrug it off but still looked annoyed. However, he relaxed a little when Rebecca smiled and looped arms with him on the way to the car. They had almost reached the parking lot when she realized she’d left her handbag behind. Carmen and Justyn both rolled their eyes at her when she told them.

“Seriously, Becca?” Carmen teased. “I don’t know how you manage to memorize your lines when you never remember anything.”

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  1. I really cannot wait for the party and hope i win a copy of Hyde or i guess i will have to break down and by it i really want to read this one thanks for giving a taste of it